Impact Your Mission

Optimally matching your nonprofit with qualified leaders will:

  • Equip your organization to accurately address change
  • Improve your community’s quality of life

Be Impacted

Fortifying your board with trained diverse directors will:

  • Increase organizational capacity
  • Build and strengthen coalitions
  • Broaden board expertise

How can BoardBuild help my organization?

Your organization needs a capable, engaged board to propel your mission forward. BoardBuild connects you with diverse and passionate leaders looking to make an impact in the community and strengthen your nonprofit organization as board members.


BoardBuild trains leaders to serve and selects the optimal fit for your board:

  1. We provide specialized nonprofit board governance training to qualified, passionate leaders.
  2. We expertly match ideal leaders with nonprofits seeking new board members.

How will BoardBuild’s leadership training impact my organization?

BoardBuild’s training ensures new board members contribute from day one. Our unique online modules develop emerging and established leaders for serving effectively on a nonprofit board, preparing them for the essentials of nonprofit governance, from financial information to material guiding documents.

That could be really helpful for my board. Tell me more.

In addition to the basics, the course modules provide curated information for organizational sustainability:

  • The importance of financial support by each board member
  • The complexity of CEO/staff relationships
  • Strategic planning
  • The value of a reserve fund

The training sounds great – but how does BoardBuild work for our organization?

BoardBuild’s advanced matching program changes the rules of the game – and your organization wins. First, your nonprofit posts listings for positions on BoardBuild. BoardBuild’s advanced algorithm analyzes potential candidates and identifies leaders ideally suited for your nonprofit’s needs and provides you with a list of potential candidates ranked in order of alignment with the skills and expertise that you identified as desirable. You can also curate the list to further define the perfect board candidate for your organization through a number of customizable filters.

What happens when BoardBuild finds us the perfect candidate?

When you identify a potential candidate, connect with them to schedule a board interview. Once you’ve finalized an agreement, we simply ask that you return to the posting to let us know that a match has been confirmed.

We’re on board!  We want to sign up!

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