Impact the Community

Employee leadership training + nonprofit board engagement =

  • Economic development
  • Stronger communities

Impact Your Corporation

Employee nonprofit board service:

  • Increases employee retention and productivity
  • Leverages community investment
  • Aligns corporate culture and strategies

Impact Your Employees

Employees serving on nonprofit boards:

  • Develop new skills
  • Broaden professional networks
  • Positively impact corporate visibility

What is BoardBuild?

BoardBuild is an online platform connecting emerging and established leaders with mission- driven nonprofit organizations to form board-level relationships that strengthen communities across the country.


BoardBuild provides two powerful, practical benefits:

  • We provide valuable on-demand training in the essentials of nonprofit board governance.
  • We expertly match ideal leaders with nonprofits seeking new board members.

This sounds great, but what does the program really look like?

Motivated leaders enroll in Essential Board Governance training – a self-paced, online, on- demand course that can be completed in just a few hours. While providing valuable instruction, the modules engage employees with nationally known comedians.

This aligns perfectly with our developing corporate social responsibility policy. Tell me more.

Once participants successfully complete the training, they’re automatically enrolled in BoardBuild’s online matching system. Our advanced algorithm analyzes leader profiles and matches them with nonprofits seeking qualified, passionate board member candidates.

BoardBuild is changing the game, and your company wins: training develops leaders in your organization who serve in a visible, impactful role for nonprofits, while our community is strengthened and improved.

Sounds compelling. I’d like to check out a sample of the training.

You bet.  Click here to view the FREE Introductory Module.

We’re in! We want to sign up!

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